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App下载|看《夺冠》的国足不应只学精神 赢球技术也得过硬
名称:App下载|看《夺冠》的国足不应只学精神 赢球技术也得过硬

   A few days ago, the Chinese men's football team (hereinafter referred to as the national football team), which is training in Shanghai, made a special trip to the cinema near the station to watch the movie "Win the Championship" about the Chinese women's volleyball team, but unexpectedly caused a lot of ridicule on the Internet. How should we treat these jokes? Is the national football really "doing something wrong"? Zhao Liangchen chatted with Su Ying.


  Love is deep and responsible, it’s not uncommon to watch inspirational movies


Zhao Liangchen (hereinafter referred to as Zhao): The national football watching the Chinese women's volleyball movie "Win the Championship" has recently become a hot topic. Some ridicules are a bit narrow, but they are a bit funny. For example, some people commented on the photos of the movie "This is The national football is the closest to'winning the championship'". What do you think of these jokes?


   Su Nun (hereinafter referred to as Su): It is normal for the national football team to watch "Win the Championship", but because the national football team has its own entertainment attributes in people's minds over the years, it has brought out various extended interpretations. Some netizens said that watching the women's volleyball team in the national football team is equivalent to letting the last "student scum" in the class watch the first grade "student tyrant" exam, which is useless. These reactions are expected, and they are a kind of emotional catharsis that the national football's performance in these years has not been as good as expected.


   Zhao: Perhaps it is the deep responsibility of love. Some people say that "as long as the national football team can grab tickets to the World Cup, Chinese fans can make it impossible for fans all over the world." How high the enthusiasm of Chinese football fans is, the disappointment they have accumulated over a long period of time. In addition, because of the high degree of marketization of football, the income of male football players is also higher. Compared with the performance, the gap in people's minds is even greater. The women's volleyball team is relatively "poor" and has the best performance. It can be said that the two have a relatively large contrast in all dimensions, so they have a more dramatic effect and are easier to stimulate people's desire to tease the national football!


   Su: According to the news, several national football players were moved to tears quietly while watching the movie. I also believe that it is the expression of true feelings. Sometimes the power of spirit can indeed promote and catalyze.


   Zhao: The Chinese women's volleyball team is indeed a banner of Chinese sports. Director Chen Kexin's scheduling and script refracted the historical changes in the three stages of the women's volleyball team through three highly condensed games, Gong Li's vivid interpretation of Lang Ping, and even the appearance of the Chinese women's volleyball team.


   Su: It is not uncommon for sports teams to watch inspirational movies. In June and October last year, all members of the Chinese Men’s Basketball Team and the U22 National Football Team watched the Russian inspirational sports film "Lore Munich" under the arrangement of the State Sports General Administration. The film described the men’s basketball finals of the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. The former Soviet Union The story of the team defeating the American team, which has maintained a record of 36 years of winning.


   Zhao: There are also many big-name coaches in the world who have the habit of leading teams to watch inspirational movies. The only Chinese men's football team that made it to the World Cup finals in 2001, the head coach Milu also showed them a movie-the rugby-themed film "Glory Years" starring Denzel Washington and adapted from a true story.

赵:世界上还有很多大牌教练习惯于带领团队观看励志电影。主教练米App下载卢(Milu)也是2001年唯一一支闯入世界杯决赛圈的中国男足,还向他们展示了以丹泽尔·华盛顿(Denzel Washington)为主角并改编自真实故事的以橄榄球为主题的电影《荣耀岁月》。

   Not only should the national football team be watched, but should not only learn the "struggling spirit"


   Su: Good sports movies can indeed boost morale and refresh the soul. However, I think the national football team should not have the "struggling spirit" when watching women's volleyball movies. They also have the "spiritual spirit" of being technically focused and constantly seeking innovation and change. The head coach of Chinese women's volleyball team Lang Ping once said that as soon as she won the women's volleyball championship, everyone said that she was "spirited" and not "cold."


   Zhao: Indeed, winning the championship is of course inseparable from "fighting", but it is also a "technical activity". In many cases, the national football team is not enough to fight. To a large extent, it may be limited by the shortcomings of basic technical skills and cannot be used effectively. This reflects not just the lack of players at the level.


Su: Yes, at this point, I think not only the national football team should watch "Win the Championship", but also grassroots coaches engaged in football talent training, especially youth training managers, should take a look, using "craftsmanship spirit" and a scientific attitude. Do the work you have at hand.


Zhao: Especially in the part of the film about the Rio Olympics victory journey, the big national team strategy and big data management of the Chinese women's volleyball team were very advanced with the times, and it produced a magical chemical reaction with the fighting spirit of the traditional old women's volleyball team. It also left a new era mark for the spirit of the women's volleyball team.


Su: In fact, while watching "Win the Championship" at the national football team, Guangdong Men's Basketball coach Du Feng also led the Guangdong team to watch the movie, and wrote down his impressions, "As a coach, I will pay great attention to Lang Ping's guidance. The point of view is always very rewarding. She once said a big truth:'The spirit of the women's volleyball team has always been there, but the spirit alone cannot win, and it must be skilled.'"


   The title of the film is "Outline", and the film category is not "Science Fiction"


  Su: I have experienced several Chinese women's volleyball championships, the most impressive one was the 2015 World Cup and the 2016 Rio Olympics. Every time the game is over, I ran into the field with the computer to do an interview. At that time, the smile I saw was the brightest and the hug was the most sincere. Standing in the venue listening to the national anthem sounded, watching the national flag rise, the excitement and pride, the feeling that tears could not help but burst into my eyes, is indeed unforgettable.


Zhao: I still remember the final in Rio four years ago. Lang Ping came to the press stand after the match and played the national anthem when she just walked to me. She stood still and sang. This was the most memorable experience in my life. chorus!


   Su: I hope that one day, the national football team can bring us a similar experience, and their stories can also appear on the big screen.


   Zhao: I hope that the title of the film will be called "Outline", and the classification of the film is not "sci-fi", but based on real stories...


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  羊城晚报记者 赵亮晨 苏荇

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