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In Chinese football on April 14, the deserted atmosphere during the epidemic was completely broken by Evergrande veteran Han Chao. A familiar Mercedes-Benz big G, which was full of question marks, changed the number plate operation, and was fired in exchange for the "heaviest ticket in team history". 33-year-old Yu Hanchao sat with the traffic police team, looking affectionately, and his eyes were full of shadows that Kongka and Feng Xiaoting had once missed.

在4月14日的中国足球比赛中,恒大的退伍军人韩超彻底打破了流行病期间的荒芜气氛。熟悉的梅赛德斯-奔驰大G车上充满问号,改变了车牌操作,并被开除以换取“车队历史上最重的车票”。 33岁的余汉超坐在交警队时,深情地看着,眼睛里充满了孔卡和冯小婷曾经错过的阴影。

The kind "Yu 20" and "Super Brother" in the mouth of this Evergrande fan unfortunately made it to the top of the Evergrande penalty list. It also reminds us that we were "struck hard" by the Evergrande club in those years. The stars who hit. Ever since entering the Chinese football arena, Evergrande has used the “513” bonus system that turned out to be a starting point (5 million yuan for winning, 1 million for ties, and 3 million for the losing team). With the ever-increasing level of heavy tickets, at the level of club management, the "Hengda-style ticket" has always been in the history of Chinese football, impacting people's attention, and making more people behave on the original inconspicuous team rules. System construction has produced its own cognition.

不幸的是,这位恒大球迷口中的“羽20”和“超级兄弟”名列恒大罚款榜首。这也提醒我们,那些年我们被恒大俱乐部“打击”。谁击中了星星。自进入中国足球竞技场以来,恒大一直使用“ 513”奖金制度作为起点(奖金500万元,平局100万元,失败的球队300万元)。随着沉重的罚单水平越来越高,在俱乐部的管理水平上,“恒大式罚单”一直存在于中国足球的历史中,影响着人们的注意力,并使更多的人按照原来不起眼的球队规则行事。系统构建产生了自己的认识。

Deeds: After the game against Guoan, no thanks to the fans when leaving the game


Ticket: suspended for three games, delegated to reserve team, and fined 420,000 yuan


After the match against Guoan in the 2011 season, Renato did not accompany his teammates to thank the fans because he was dissatisfied with his replacement. His move was quickly punished. After entering the Chinese Super League era, Renato became the first player to be listed on the Evergrande penalty list. This Brazilian striker did not score or assist during his time at Evergrande. Instead, he was on the penalty list. Because of his uncomfortable behavior, he cut down the luxury data of 420,000 yuan in fines. Renato also used his own efforts to open the prelude to Evergrande's heavy ticket in the Super League era.


Deeds: kicking water bottles, throwing towels, questioning the coach


Ticket: Suspension of 9 games, fined 1 million


Everyone may remember Evergrande’s first-time AFC Champions League 5-1 bloodbath of joy and contentment, perhaps the shock of losing 1-3 to its old opponent at home will be relatively forgotten by more people. In that game, Evergrande core Kongka left more stories off the court. Because he was dissatisfied with being replaced by Lee Jang-soo with Jiang Ning in advance. The Argentine who chose to kick the water bottle and throw the towel in response has not yet vented the roar in his heart.


On the battlefield of Weibo, Konka poured out his dissatisfaction and incomprehension: “I don’t understand why I always feel tired and take a rotation. Why do I have to sit on the bench when I was sick a long time ago? Playing, it proves that I am in good physical condition. On the contrary, if my physical condition is not good, I will not play. How can a player with poor physical condition score such an important penalty? Why is the coaching staff's plan always to take turns ????"


The conflict between the generals and the discord was openly on the table, and the official Evergrande finally issued the heaviest ticket in team history at the time. As the absolute core of the team, Kongca was suspended for 9 games and fined 1 million yuan. This ticket also witnessed the last years of the Lee Jang-soo era. The ending of the story, Kongka, helped Evergrande reach the top of the AFC Champions League. His indissoluble bond with Evergrande did not end because of this heavy ticket.


Deeds: Lost the national team because of not working hard


Tickets: each was fined 200,000 yuan


Feng Xiaoting would not think that this was actually the first time he was punished by Evergrande for the Asian Cup. After the announcement of the 2015 Asian Cup National Football Team, the two defenders Feng Xiaoting and Li Xuepeng of the Evergrande team lost the selection. According to the "Eight Regulations" of the national football team announced by Evergrande in 2013. All Evergrande players who were selected for the national team in the previous period and failed in this period due to their own efforts will be fined 200,000 yuan. Unlike Zeng Cheng and others who won the Struggle Award in the East Asian Cup, Feng Xiaoting and Li Xuepeng became the "Hengda national team." In the “Eight Provisions”, the two players were punished. And their punishment also opened the prelude to Evergrande's punishment of poorly performing players in the national team.


Fact: After the 2017 season game with Quan Jian, the team did not shake hands with the referee


Ticket: Announce criticism and deduct a bonus of 100,000 yuan


In Evergrande's ticket, the prestige of the team is as high as Zheng Zhi, and it is also not immune. A dramatic scene took place after Evergrande lost to Tianjin Quanjian 3-4 in the 15th round of the 2017 Super League. The Heng Daquan team did not shake hands with the referee, causing an uproar. According to the “Three Six” team rules set by Evergrande at that time, the Evergrande players at that time violated the “must unconditionally obey the referee's penalty during the game”. In the end, team leader Zheng Zhi was fined 100,000 yuan, and team leader Edison Chen was also notified of criticism and reduced his salary by one level.


British media commented on this that "the Chinese league champion issued a ticket to the captain for a handshake incident."


Deeds: Fight against each other in the reserve league


Tickets: Three suspensions, a fine of 200,000 yuan, no loan or transfer during the contract period


Don't fight anymore! This sentence couldn't be more appropriate to the Evergrande reserve team in April 2018. In the reserve match between Guangzhou Evergrande and Shandong Luneng, Evergrande players Wang Junhui and Situ Hualong suddenly scuffled together and staged an outrageous operation against my teammate. Subsequently, one of the protagonists, Wang Junhui, was sent off directly, and Situ Hualong was also substituted after receiving a yellow card.


According to the "Nanfang Daily", the two had a dispute over the handling of a sideline ball. The "curse war" between the two sides was later upgraded to a combination of fists and kicks, making other teammates and opponents dumbfounded.


The Evergrande Club also gave out their "persuasion" method: double-double-three suspensions, a fine of 200,000 yuan, no transfers or leases during the contract period, and living expenses in accordance with Guangdong's minimum living standards.


Deeds: elbowing Liu Yiming was sent off by a red card


Ticket: Alan was notified of criticism and fined 100,000 yuan, and the club's leadership team deducted 10% of the monthly bonus.


Evergrande’s match with Quan Jian seemed to have something to do with the ticket. Without the ball, Alan’s elbow hitting Liu Yiming was caught by the referee. A red card not only caused Alan to be sent off, but also a severe penalty for him to ban the Football Association for 8 games.


Before the Football Association announced the penalty decision, Evergrande officials had announced that they would criticize Alan and be fined. The club's leadership team was also punished for this incident.


What's interesting is that Alan and Liu Yiming, the two parties involved, switched teams after a year. People can't help but sigh that fate is sometimes so wonderful.


Deeds: Major mistakes in the 2019 Asian Cup


Ticket: Delegated to the reserve team


The Asian Cup is really an "unbearable weight" in Feng Xiaoting's life, because he made a major mistake in the national football match with Iran, which led to his being sent to the reserve team in the club. Feng Xiaoting himself did not evade the punishment from the club. After receiving the notice of punishment, he said: "Because of my mistakes, which caused irreparable losses to the team, I should bear the responsibility. Evergrande strictly manages the rewards and punishments. , I sincerely accept criticism and punishment, go to the reserve team to reflect seriously, train hard, and return to the first team as soon as possible."


Deeds: China Cup flying shovel opponent caused serious injury


Ticket: Suspension for one month and decide whether to expel based on his reflection


It was the national team, and the protagonist who was fined this time was replaced by Wei Shihao. The full-featured "Wei Shao" used an uncomfortable flying shovel in the China Cup to cause serious injuries and fractures to the Uzbekistan player. He apologized with a fruit basket and later became the target of spoofs by the majority of netizens. For a time, "Fruit Basket" and Wei Shihao seemed to become joint products.


Evergrande officials subsequently issued a heavy ticket to Wei Shihao, giving Wei Shihao a one-month suspension, and reported to the club's administrative personnel department for a deep self-reflection review. At the same time, the club will decide whether to expel depending on its review and reflection. After a period of introspection, Wei Shihao won the local scorer king in the 2019 season, helping Evergrande win the 8th Super League championship in team history.


Deeds: Violation of regulations during the preparation for the Philippine team in the top 40 national football team


Ticket: Notification of criticism, a fine of 300,000 yuan, suspension of training and competition for two days, and participation in professional quality classes.


It is still related to the national team. This time Evergrande has no mercy against Wei Shihao and Yang Liyu, the hot young pair. Many people once wondered why Lippi was reluctant to use Wei Shihao and Yang Liyu more. You must know the "Yang Wei combination at that time." "In the league, the state is hot, and this heavy ticket may be a silent response.

它仍然与国家队有关。这次,恒大对年轻的一对魏世豪和杨立宇毫不留情。许多人曾经想知道Lippi为什么不愿意更多地使用Wei Shihao和Yang Liyu。您必须知道“当时的杨威组合”。 “在联盟中,状态很热,这张沉重的罚单可能是一个沉默的反应。

Deeds: poor performance in the critical period of the championship


Ticket: learn corporate culture in the group


This may be the most peculiar "ticket" in the history of Chinese football. Everyone knows that "dismissal of get out of class" is synonymous with the resignation of the head coach. This punishment of Evergrande has created a new era in which coaches can also "attend class". Behind the hot discussion in Chinese football and even the world, in the end, Kashuai, who returned from school, led the team to win the eighth championship in the Chinese Super League and gave this corporate culture class the best report card.


Deeds: Refusal to implement the arrangements of the club and the head coach, violation of team rules


Ticket: fined 3 million yuan, circulated criticism


Before the Han Super League, Fernando was the C star with the heaviest ticket in the history of Evergrande. The "little motorcycle" caused a big trouble for the club when he first arrived, and Evergrande's response was severe enough. The fine of 3 million yuan set a new high for the Evergrande team. Naturalized players also have no privileges. The heavy penalty of Evergrande demonstrates the club's absolute zero tolerance in this matter.

在汉超级联赛之前,费尔南多是恒大历史上票房收入最高的C明星。 “小摩托车”在他刚到时给俱乐部造成了很大麻烦,而恒大的反应足够严厉。 300万元的罚款为恒大团队创造了新高。归化玩家也没有特权。恒大的重罚证明了俱乐部在这件事上的绝对零容忍。

Deeds: Violating traffic laws and altering license plates, detained for 15 days


Ticket: direct expulsion


In fact, Yu Hanchao is not the first player in the history of Evergrande team to be directly expelled. In 2011, two second-team players were dissatisfied with the team's treatment conditions and were directly expelled from the club. But as a former international footballer and an important member of the first team, Yu Hanchao's direct expulsion was really shocking. The "Three Nine" team rules that were implemented in 2019 have become the "balance" for judging Han Chao's life and death. "Illegal conduct and conduct that damages the club's image" were expelled. Evergrande also used such a fine for "brilliant men breaking their wrists" and once again became the focus of Chinese football.

实际上,于汉超并不是恒大队历史上首位被直接开除的球员。 2011年,两名二线球员对球队的待遇不满意,直接被俱乐部开除。但作为一名前国际足球运动员和一线队的重要成员,于汉超的直接开除确实令人震惊。 2019年实施的“三九”团队规则已成为判断韩超生死存亡的“平衡点”。开除“违法行为和破坏俱乐部形象的行为”。恒大也对“精明的手腕断裂”处以如此高的罚款,再次成为中国足球的焦点。

Some of the stars who have been heavily penalized by Evergrande have left Evergrande, and some are still shining at Evergrande. The reasons and extent of their punishment may not be the same, but it is consistent that these tickets have caused people to treat the club. System construction, thinking about team culture.


Regarding the "Hengda-style ticket", some people will say that this is strictly governing the army, while others think it is too much. In any case, behind this series of heavy fines is Guangzhou Evergrande’s step-by-step rise and take-off, and it is the epitome of the building of a club system and passing years of memory.


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