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  原创 教主 教主侃球

  原创 教主 教主侃球

   Beijing time on September 29, the Clippers officially announced that head coach Doug Rivers will leave the team and will no longer be the team coach! Rivers had two years left on his original contract. After he left, the Clippers wanted to find a better head coach. It was not that simple.


Lao Li also tweeted and confirmed the news: "Thank you for the Clippers. I once wanted to make this a successful basketball project, a home for free agents, and bring a championship to the Clippers. It's a pity that I can't witness them all come true."


   All the previous news indicated that Rivers will stay in office, and his departure is beyond everyone's expectations. However, Lao Li is the champion coach anyway, and he is also very popular in the free market. The Pelicans and the 76ers have already contacted Rivers for the position of coach.


   After all, Lao Li's coaching career has achieved remarkable results. According to the statistics of reporter Justin Kubatko, Rivers has won a total of 943 regular-season victories in his coaching career, ranking 11th in history, and won 91 playoff games, ranking 7th in history. In the past 15 seasons, his regular season win rate was 58.1%, and his playoff win rate was 50.6%.

毕竟,老李的教练生涯取得了骄人的成绩。根据记者贾斯汀·库巴特科(Justin Kubatko)的统计,里弗斯在他的教练职业生涯中共赢得943场常规赛胜利,历史上排名第11位,并赢得91场季后赛比赛,历史上排名第7位。在过去的15个赛季中,他的常规赛胜利率为58.1%,季后赛胜利率为50.6%。

   But in the Clippers, Lao Li loses more and wins less in the playoffs. He has coached the Clippers since 2013, with a regular season record of 356 wins and 208 losses, and a 27 wins and 32 losses in the playoffs. This season, the Clippers scored 49 wins and 23 losses in the regular season, ranking second in the West. In the second round of the playoffs, the Clippers were tragically reversed by the Nuggets with a 3-1 lead.


   After losing this year's semifinals, the Clippers have not made the conference finals for 50 consecutive years. At the same time, this is the third time in his career that Lao Li's 3-1 lead has been reversed. It is worth mentioning that he is the only coach in history who has been reversed 3-1 many times.


   In the first round of the 2003 playoffs, Lao Li coached the Magic led by McGrady. They were in a 3-1 lead and were eventually eliminated by the Pistons 4-3. Another time it became even more famous. In the 2015 Western Conference semifinals, the Clippers were eliminated by the red team in 3 consecutive games with a 3-1 lead! The hair band gang also took this opportunity to become famous.


   In addition to these three 3-1 leads were reversed, Lao Li had three other 3-2 leads reversed! All happened during the Green Army period. In the second round of 2009, the Greens were reversed by the Magic after they won the Tianwang Mountain. In the 2010 finals, the Greens led 3-2 and were reversed by the Lakers; in the 2012 Eastern Conference, they were reversed by the Heat.


   At present, the Clippers are on the cusp of the storm, and some media released news that Lao Li is the main reason for the selection of the Clippers, which brings great challenges to the selection of the Clippers. But the boss Ballmer is full of confidence: "I am very grateful to Rivers, and I am quite confident in the management and players, we will start the search and interview work immediately."


   Several reporters revealed that the main candidates for the Clippers are Van Gundy Jr. and Tylen Lue. Reporter Ohm Youngmisuk pointed out that Director Lu is in the team and has a working relationship with Card and George; Van Gundy has friendship with Clippers President Lawrence Frank. After all, for Ballmer, price is not a problem.

几名记者透露,快船的主要候选人是小范甘迪和吕泰琳。记者Ohm Youngmisuk指出,卢主任在团队中,与Card和George有工App下载作关系;范甘迪与快船队总裁劳伦斯·弗兰克保持友谊。毕竟,对于鲍尔默来说,价格不是问题。

   But Guidance Lu is very popular. He let out the words that he is seeking a job as a head coach with an annual salary of $7 million. In addition to the Clippers, the 76ers, the Red Team and the Pelicans are also interested in Coach Lu and will arrange interviews in the near future. The fastest is the 76ers, and their interview will be held tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.


  Although he failed this season, this is only Cacho’s first year in the Clippers. No one can say what will happen next. I can only wish them good luck.


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